There are 20 (soon to be 21) videos on this list in total. It is a poetic, musical and spoken word presentation of what we have seen and experienced as both poets and abolitionists. I can't even begin to describe the depths of insight some of these presentations possess.
A few are based on academic studies with full reports displayed as art. Detailed research presented in funky prose.
It's like an album but not something you would normally digest in one sitting.
They make you think. They teach. They inspire and they chronicle a history of this age. It is literally our story.
The videos individually are powerful. Together they push boundaries and change minds.

“Three hundred years of humiliation, abuse and deprivation
cannot be expected to find voice in a whisper.”

-Martin Luther King Jr., Why We Can't Wait

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Max Parthas
The last decade

Recipient of the 2008 BEST FEATURE AWARD Nashville SFPC
2009 SC Free Times Best Male Solo Artist across all genres
National Poetry Awards - USA 2010 Poet of The Year
National Poetry Awards - USA 2010 Recipient of The Year
2012 Annual Tamika Festival Honoree.
National Poetry Awards - USA 2013 Best Spoken Word venue
1st Poet on ReverbNation to reach #1 rank City/State & Nation 2014
"Paving the Way" Annual Spoken Word Gala Honorees 2014
Recipient of the 2016 Missouri CURE Marc Taylor Activism Award.
2017 Will Bell Humanitarian Award Annual Spoken Word Gala Honorees
Listed in "The Free Times 2017 Top Five Protest Songs of The Palmetto State"


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Symbol of law and justice, slavery and captivity Adolph
Agbo, in “Values of Adinkra Symbols” notes that handcuffs were introduced in
Africa as a result of the slave trade, and later became popular among chiefs in
cuffing offenders of the law. “The symbol reminds offenders of the
uncompromising nature of the law. It however discourages all forms of slavery.”

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