Whispered Words Poetry Mixtapes Presents

"For Lovers Only"
An MP3-J edutainment mix by NuEshe

View Marques Houston performing "Naked"

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LifeLived "A Love Like That"
WilldaRealOne "For Your Love"
Tribal Raine"1000 Times"


Tremahne "Mornings Love"
Legacy Leonard "Trippen"
21 Poetz "I Hope My Words Are Able"


Scorpio Blues "Paper, Rock, Scissors"
Lauren Hill "Sweetest Thing


Chris Brown "You Are There"
Breeze "Last Train To Chicago"
Taleb Kweli "Love Language


Larenz Tate "A Blues For Nina (Love Jones)"
Nyne Elementz "Freakiest Fantasies"
Maximus Parthas "In My Dreams", Purple Pisces "The Kiss"


Poetry's Child "You Are Love"
The Whispers "I'm Gonna Make You My Wife" (dedication to Tribal Raine)
Chilo "Filling The Void" & Jill Scott "He Loves Me"


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