As a contributer to Humanity and Moiko Records, I would be appreciative of your support for a worthy cause!

Moiko Records is releasing a new series of compilation CD's for the "It Ain't About Us" Charity Project featuring 15 artists and songs from each genre of music which in turn will benefit a different charity to include the Make A Wish Foundation, Disabled American Veterans, Feed the Hungry, Battered Women, Senior Citizens, etc. As one of the Artists on this CD, I urge my loved ones, friends, and all others concerned to purchase one or more of these albums in support of this great and worthwhile charitable cause. You will be helping the talented artists as well as enabling Moiko Records to help the charities.

These albums can be found online at: . When you reach the site, just scroll down the page to view each CD album. Our songs "A Sinners Prayer by Tribal & Hear Me Now by Max"
will be listed on the "Words Of Wisdom Charity CD" and click on "Buy Now". That's all there is to it. Then, just pat yourself on the back for your purchase. Then enjoy your CD when it arrives. I'm sure you'll enjoy every song on this album, and rest assured that your generous support will be greatly appreciated.