The Maximum Impact Experience

False Profits

Flags that fly can't make your blatant lies into sacred truths
And even the slyest FOX's can't turn their gossips into news.
Tightened interview screws that border on harassment
Can have entertainment value as a national embarrassment.
Characters that assassinate first, and then present the factors,
From politicians with Hollywood agents And more TV time than actors.
Rap sensei senators who can recite written rhymes readily.
I could rewrite all the scriptures and they'd still be 2 book deals ahead of me.
They’ll be prophesizing their profit sizes with lies disguised as truth
They say all things cease when wall street speaks
And your empty pockets are the proof.
It’s all about Big boys with big guns and big banks Who know damn well
they need to be the only ones running things.
The only ones gunning things to stay ahead.
They know it’s always best to become one of the quick
or you’ll quickly become one of the dead.
And at the head had better be the bad man with the most tanks.
The most planes. The most ships. The most facebook/twitter friends and the biggest email lists.
Get your biggest mouths in town to shout his name aloud In every damn place all the damn time.
because you know he expects the best from his bitches and he'll dress his FOX like a dime.
Let's lay it all on the line
Real pimps pimp nations,
carry nukes
and wear suits that are seamless
And it will make a ho world famous to get a little presidential penis.
Head of Le' Familia. Always under armored cover
And they all have a bunch of friends called General something or another.
Call them Prince, Prime Minister, President, Pope or Sheik
They're sexual appetite is endless
We're being screwed,
right now,
as we speak.
They don't go to war to protect citizens or a constitution!
And oil is no real worthwhile reason for intercontinental fights.
To them it's always "all about the "Benjamins" What!
and the exclusive print -slash- publishing rights.
Our pockets can start naming names
And our wallets are like picture frames
For descendants of real pimps that mastered a real pimps game,
and let me warn that if they ever ask you, “What's my name!? “
You'd had better know it, and be ready to say it right.
And don't you ever dare bring a gun to a hurricane fight.
Smith and Wesson can't contest with the HAARP's five caliber Katrinas.
And we know a meaner sonofabitch never existed than the one who dropped the biggest bombs.
Ask the people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima what kind of shit is really goin on.
"Wuts raallay raallay good nuccu!" (stinkmeaner voice)
When your that bad you don't own the views of the news
You, are the one who creates them.
And if people won't listen...
well then you just make them.
And keep prophesizing profit sizes with lies disguised as truth
all things cease when wall street speaks
And your empty pockets are the proof.

© Maximus Parthas

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?
Mark 8:36

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