Nicole Wasson
NuEshe -(New Life)

...With Bachelor Degrees in English & Psychology.
NuEshe is the quintessential poet.
She's been awarded by The Fifth Annual Institute of Freedom Studies.
Is the recipient of the 2005 Prysmatic Dreams Poet of the Year Award.
And now holds the distinct honor of being the 2006 Nominee for
PD Producer of the year.
Undoubtedly, NuEshe is on a fast track to becoming poetry's
Renaissance woman.

In addition to her amazing literary and lyrical skills
This rising star has produced three of the nationally syndicated
Whispered Words Poetry Mixtapes
* Girl Talk
* 4 Lovers Only
* The Freedom Mix
Making her one of the labels most popular MP3-J's.

None too shy to the business aspect of her art,
NuEshe sits on the board of directors for
The New Word Order Spoken Word Association. (The NWO)

Working with a talented team of entrepreneurs,
this poetic pioneer helped produce groundbreaking venues like
The National Net Slam and the acclaimed Reach Back Interviews,
which recently featured The Last Poets.

With a mic in her hand NuEshe shows her lyricism to be unparalleled.
Sharing the stage with national & international artist like
Breeze of SmoothAsKappacino, Tehut 9 of the Fifth Element,
Tony award winner Georgia Me, Malik Salaam, Kimotion
and also Umar Bin Hassan and Abiodun Oyewole at the popular
spoken word showcases The Session.
As a highlight, NuEshe recently appeared in the Def Poetry All Stars
Liquid Lounge Tour.

As powerful a social advocate as she is a poet
NuEshe has worked as a teacher's assistant with youth organizations
to educate and assist troubled teen girls.
Her poetry addresses topics like racism, politics and cultural inequity.
With her tireless efforts and creative talents, this caring artist
has become one of Cincinnati, Ohio's greatest treasures.

Her long awaited CD debut Sounds of Poetry
Is scheduled for a June 2007 release on the Whispered Words label.
With productions by the award winning Maximus Parthas
And featuring several of today's best Spoken Word artists.
Till that explosive debut, fans can catch singles on Whispered Words,
And on net-radio stations across America.

NuEshe has 2 self published books available now.
All I Have is My Words Vol. I & 2
Click here to purchase

If ever there was a poet to watch
NuEshe is the one to keep your eye's and ears on.