Whispered Words Poetry Mixtapes Presents

"What Happened to Hip Hop CD2"
An MP3-J edutainment mix by Poetry's Child

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Set-1-Memories Of Us.mp3
An MP3-J Old school mix by TMJ feat:
* Kurtis Blow, Sugar Hill Gang, The Fat Boys, RUN DMC,
LL Cool J, Doug E Fresh with Slick Rick,
KRS ONE & BDP, Newcleus, The Art Of Noise,
The Soul Sonic Force, MC Lyte, UTFO,
Whodini, Erik B & Rakim
* Tammy Jones "Roots Uncovered"
* Divine "Hip Hop"

Set-2-Hip Hop Cometry.mp3
* "So Self Conscious" spoken word by Kanye West
* "How To Rob An Industry N*** 50 Cent & the MaddRapper
* "Osama Bin Laden Dis on Dr. Dre"

Set 3-The Price We Paid.mp3
An MP3-J Tribute feat:
* Aaliyah, Freaky Tah with The Lost Boys, Big Pun, Left Eye with
T & C, Jam Master Jay scratch with RUN DMC
Biggie Smalls - "We'll Always Love Big Poppa"
* Tupac - "Thug Mansion" with Nas"

Set 4 -What's Goin On.mp3
* Max Parthas "What Happened To Hip Hop"
* ERYK MOORE "Rhapsody"
* Nyne Elementz "Flake Wrotation"

Set-5-Hip Hope.mp3
* DMX "Lord Give Me A Sign"
* Twista featuring Jaheim "Hope"
* Mos Def "What'sBeef"
* Tammy Jones "I Get Saved"
* Tupac "Dear Mama"

Set-6-ColorSkeemz PSA.mp3
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