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Representing Prysmatic Dreams -

-Two internationally known and established artists with over 10+ years in the Spoken Word industry
and 20+ years in entertainment as headline artists performing alongside prominent poets such as Amiri Baraka, The Last Poets,
Abyss, Nappy Roots, Georgia ME, Queen Sheba, Tommy Bottoms and many more. These iconic Spoken Word Activist have made an indelible mark on our culture.

Recent chart rankings:
Max currently holds the status of ushering in the new year with the #1 Spoken Word Audio Single, Dedicated To Justice.
Tribal Raine has the distinct honor of being the last poet to win ourstage's Spoken Word catagory with the June 2009 #1 Single
A Sinners Prayer
Based on Music rating sites like ourstage & SoundClick, together they hold a total of 12 TOP TEN and FOUR #1 SINGLES All from the same 19 track CD
- Maximum Impact END GAME-.

In an unprecedented acknowledgment for the capitol city of South Carolina, Max Parthas was voted as the number one male solo artist across all genres. (www.Free-times.com) "Best of Columbia 2008"

Both Max & Tribal have been nominated for The prestigious Queen City Poetry In Motion Award 2008
And in January of 09 received the 2008 BEST FEATURE AWARD from the Nashville SFPC Organization.

In 2008 The poetry power couple successfully organized and headlined one of the largest Spoken Word tours in US history.
72 cities from -6/21 thru 10/27
This was their third national tour in a single year.
* The NWO Up Top Tour 2007
* The End Game Tour 2008
* The NWO Word Warriors Tour 2008
info: www.TheNewWordOrder.com

Out of over hundreds of entries from across America & Europe, November of 2007 saw Max Parthas ranked as one of the top ten Spoken Word artists worldwide. -Famecast.com season 3-. In season 4 he is was ranked as the # 2 artist across all genres. Also during Season 4 Max created the successful marketing campaign which led Queen Sheba to a world wide # 2 Famecast ranking.

Using unparalleled viral marketing savy and a dedicated fan/support base they have collectively touched millions indirectly worldwide and tens of thousands personally
With an unmatched work ethic, between 07 & 08 Max Parthas & Tribal Raine have physically appeared in several hundred venues and cities across the breadth of America Poeticizin for gangstas and governors, from neighborhoods to Hollywood. In schools, churches, clubs, parks and prisons. Positively changing minds and touching the lives of people across all levels of society with their inspirational work and memorable character.

Featured on over 10 different CD's with with 5 new releases scheduled for 2009 Max & Tribal are working with some of the best artists in the genre to make Maximum Impact,

This poetic dream team is showcased on numerous cable shows, radio programs and magazines.
Singles like "Censorship, A Revolution Poeticized, A Sinners Prayer & My Life is on The Line" play in rotation on dozens of net & FM stations like WPKN, Indiefeed.com & Freedom Verse cafe

In addition to those already mentioned, Some of their honors include; M = Max T = Tribal B = Both

M- Voted The Top 3 Spoken Word Singles of 2009 -Soldier, Censorship & RISE UP!!!-
B- Voted Best Spoken Word CD of 2009 END GAME
M- Voted Most Inspirational Spoken Word Audio 2009 for the single RISE UP!!!
M- Voted Best of The Best 2009 Spoken Word artists
M- Voted the Best Male Solo Artist across all genres -Columbia, SC 2008
....(Columbia, SC FREE-TIMES.com newspaper)
M- The January 2009 #1 Spoken Word single, Dedicated to Justice
B- Among The Nashville, TN, SFPC Featured Artists of The year 2008,
B- Headline artist for the largest Spoken Word tour in America,
....(The NWO Word Warriors Tour 2008)
M- The Muse Awards 2006 PD Poet Laureate -
M- Cynic Magazine poem of the year 2006 (Where Hope Lies) -
M- Producer of the year 2005 (Whispered Words) -
M- Def Poetry Jam best poem 2004 (Youth, I Used To Know You)
T- Nominated for Poet of the year 2000 - International Library of Poetry
T- Nominated for Poet of the year 2004 - International Library of Poetry 2004
T- Prysmatic Dreams Cornerstone Award 2004

This dynamic duo produced 2 new CD's for 08
~1st Wave~ & ~End Game~.
Both were released on January 30th with the Militant Muzic Records Label.
The star studded CD release party was hosted by the Prysmatic Dreams venue 'SAHAS' in Columbia, SC.
hundreds from across the country attended one of the biggest events of the year for Columbia. Featuring The Last Poets and hosted by Queen Sheba,
the End Game CD release party was a poetic indication of changes to come.

Amazingly, Max & Tribal have even been responsible for adding to the American lexicon.
On August 7th 2007, the word "Prysmatic" was entered in the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary. The short definition being:
~A Living Bridge between People~

News and projects.
Max Parthas has recently taken the mantle of hosting The Session LIVE!!! in Columbia, SC A LIVEWORLD WIDE STREAMING event every 2nd tuesday of the month. The April 7th launch had a packed house of inspired people poets and performers and listeners from 7 nations.Future shows looksto be an even bigger success.

Max & Tribal are working with producers across America & the globe creating the 2010 CD from Maximum Impact. Stay tuned for.
Guest appearances, interviews, speaking engagments & a national tour with Prysmatic Dreams, The NWO & Poetry Over Music all scheduled throughout the year. Check here for current updates.


They have been called one of the hardest working couples in the industry and they probably are.
24/7 - 365, The advancement of Spoken Word and the empowerment of it's artists is the life's work of Max Parthas & Tribal Raine

Representing this generations culture

From Columbia, South Carolina by way of Northern NU Jeru
Prysmatic Dreams Poets and New Word Order artists.
We present Militant Muzic with Maximum Impact...

Maximus Parthas & Tribal Raine

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