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Press and print

Executive (or CO) Producer
for the following nationally syndicated audio venues;

* Whispered Words Poetry Mixtapes
* The Session
* UnSung InnerViews

* Host of SAHAS
...In Columbia, SC
* Host of The Session LIVE!
...Nationally traveling showcase
* Host of the the Prysmatic Dreams
...Spoken Word Showcase Season 1 in Lexington SC

Program Director for the following national radio shows;

* Whispered Words Wednesdays on UnSung Radio
* Whispered Words Show @ BZoO Radio
* Whispered Words Show @DJPillarRadio
*The Session

Co-founder of the following online national communities;


* The recipient of the PD Producer of The Year Award 2005.
* The Prysmatic Dreams Poet Laureate 2006
* Cynic Magazine Best Poet 2005
* CO-producer of the National Poethon hurricane relief effort.
* Executive producer of the NWO National Net-Slam
* Feature interview in Lyrics Inc. Magazine 2-07 issue
* Feature artist in Imaginative Artisans Magazine 2-07 issue
* Featured on over 12 CD compilations
* The Southeast Region winner in the Cutting Edge video
..Channel on for January,

Maximus Parthas has performed on many national media venues
and across the country at venues such as:

* The world renowned Nuyorican Café in NYC
* The Untamed Tongues poetry lounge -Café De Tout' Las Vegas
* The Landmark EGG in Albany NY
* Phoenix Tongue Lounge -Hush & Soul Therapy in .
...Columbia SC
* The Original Soul Sunday - Houston TX
* Negro League Cafe in Chicago ILL

*The Green Apple - Apache Cafe - Luv Mecca - Mocha Match
...ATL, GA
* The Legendary Bohemian Caverns- Washington, DC
* Sugar Hill - Atlanta, GA

Max has had the honor to share stages and microphones
with many the greatest artists throughout America

* Black Ice of Def Poetry Jam
* Umar & Abiodune of The legendary Last Poets

* The legendary Amiri Baraka
* Taalam Acey
* Will "Da~RealOne" Bell -Multi Def Poetry Jam star
* Queen Sheba -International award winning artist
* THE Dubber -World artist
* Abyss -Def Poetry Jam star
* Nappy Roots -international Hip Hop artists
* Red Storm -Def Poetry Jam star
* Sista Queen -Def Poetry Jam star
* NuEshe of the DPJ Liquid tour -PD Poet Of the Year 2005
* Simply Sil -Spoken Word OTY nominee ,2005-06
* Queen Sheeba -legendary pioneer of spoken word
* Breeze -From The Black Family Channels Spoken show
* Nyne Elementz -2006 PD Poet of The Year
* Legacy Leonard -Detroit Poet & Activist
* Chilo -National Netslam winner 2005

Maximus has produced a number of singles
for various well known artists and Is currently working on
CD's for the following new stars of Spoken Word.artists.
* NuEshe
* Nyne Elementz
* Tribal Raine
* Tammy Jones
* Dawn Johnson

Via the Whispered Words label,
Max is managing the production of soundtracks for the hit play
An apology from one sista to another by Shywannee Manson
& the groundbreaking soundtrack to a dramatic novel
by California author Dawn Johnson
Dear Diary, A Letter To My Sister.

Maximus is an accomplished web designer and graphic artist.
(Maximus WebWorks)
Some examples of his original work can be found here: -
- -

* Current projects include several major media (Radio/TV/Film)s and Multi Media releases

*Max became a top 10 finalist in the National Spoken Word fenom Search season 3.

* Maximus Parthas has many published works and a variety of awards found on the award page.

The majority of his career has been dedicated to the fields of social activism, personal management, artist development and the advancement of Spoken Word into mainstream media.

* Max & Tribal's long awaited CD -Maximum Impact ~End Game~ through the Militant Muzic records label
is scheduled for release on January 30th at the Prysmatic Dreams venue ~SAHAS~ @ Club Essence in Columbia, SC. 2008

Releases of My Life is on The Line and What -Happened to Hip Hop have already topped national charts in spoken word poetry as number 1 hits . See &
Preliminary video releases have been getting international airplay in over a dozen countries.

The book Maximum Impact will be released through PDPublishing.
The Whispered Words artist series edition of the Maximum Impact CD is available now with free downloads on the Whispered Words site.


Purchase Maximum Impact singles or album here