* Rated XXXX by the BAHP
* contains profanity, strong language,
.. NWO ideology, un-Censored material
,, and one hell of a real message.
* Parental guidance suggested long ago (Mark 10:13-14).
* Not suitable for minors, majors or middle men.
* May be considered offensive and inciteful
,, by hypocrites below the age of knowledge.

Album - Maximum Impact ~End Games~
Artist - Maximus Parthas & THE Dubber

Genre - NWO -Spoken Word
Label - Militant Muzic records
Production by- Jelani
Recording- QuantumBeats studios
Vidiography - PD Presents
INT Digital Distribution The Orchard

© PDC 2007

Maximum Impact @ The Negro League Cafe -Chicago, Ill 2008

They don't want to hear me now….
Don't wanna hear me now.
They don't wanna hear me now

I've got too much to say
And too little time
I've got to many hypocrites playing with my mind
I've got too many knives too close to my spine
No justice no peace no freedom
I feel like Joseph in prison when dreams were in season.
I don't need another reason.
I trust in Gods mercy and I feel heaven sent
And when my Lord Jesus left
I know exactly where he went.
So don't try to convert me, divert me
or see just how far you can get.
I'm a Son of Light with the will to fight
and I ain't tryin to hear shhhhh....
I've got mine
Get yours

If you need one I can point you all in the right direction
Just don't ask me any more stupid questions.
Seek and ye shall find.
Make up your own damn mind.
Keep dreaming, keep hoping
Get off your tired behind and knock
Then the door shall be opened.
You've got eyes to see and ears to hear…

But they don't wanna hear me now
Don't wanna hear me now.
They don't wanna hear me now…

I might talk about all the fake saviors these days
And all the fake prophets we praise
And every time I turn around
There's another false witness claiming to be god
They have knowledge of gods mind
so they know exactly what he's thinking and what he's saying.
Got people on prayer line hotlines steadily praying
For a suggested offering rate of 9.99.
The shit is sooooooo sick. It's like calling up 1-800-666

Let the false profits check this.
Selling lines and quotes of what real prophets wrote
Does not make you a pastor or a priest
It makes you a middle man pimp and a thief.

The kind that controls a whole lot of ho's
While somebody else is busy screwing him.
So to all you corporate church witches
Who get miseries riches by stealing from the bible
Are guilty of libel and theft from the minds of the masses.
We should sue all of your asses
And sell off all of your assets
Then feed Africa for a couple of millennium.

These crooks really should be doing hard time.
Convicted for international intellectual copyright crimes.
You didn't write anything holy.
You didn't create it and didn't record it.
You just stole it and sold it and I'm here to report it.
If I were god I wouldn't even be claiming you.
And if you read this here today, then come back later with a snap
I'll write part 2, call every Poet I know
then we'll start naming you.
And tell every soul who will listen.
All the Jews Muslims and Christians I can get an ear of.
A glance from,
a mere moment of their passing day just to say
I've got too much to say
And too little time
And they don't wanna hear me now
Don't wanna hear me now.
They don't wanna hear me
not now…

© Maximus Parthas 2007



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