Whispered Words Poetry Mixtapes Presents

"The Price Of Life"
An MP3-J edutainment mix by LifeLived

Spoken Word Artist Suli Breaks, latest video "MUMMY LOVES ME".

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*Nick Cannon - Can I live?
*Sweet Honey in the Rock - On children
*Common ft Lauryn Hill - Retrospect For Life


Feature set contributed by "The Husbandman"

*Bill Bennet Controversy mix
*Dwayne Morgan -Mother, I understand
*Outkast - Toilet Tisha
*Enigma poets - Only 17


*LifeLived - Chapter 2 The early years
"Dear Diary, A letter to my sister"
The Whispered Words book soundtrack
*New Birth - Wildflower


*Sweet Honey In The Rock - Only a woman
*Pastor John Piper- What the prophet said
*B Rock and The Bizz - Just my Baby Daddy
*Lyfe - She got kids
*Nyne Elementz - My Other One


*Lady Untouchable - I Choose Life
*Tupac - Baby Don't Cry
*Divine - Why


*Feat Chris Rock - life in America
*Yusuf Islam - Call to prayer
*Creed - Only in America
*Pastor John Piper - Roe vs Wade
*POD - Abortion is Murder
*Poetrys Child- Sierra
*Cheryl (Pepsi) Riley - Thanks for my Child


MP3-J production by LifeLived
Special thanks to Guest MP3-J's
The Husbandman from
& Max Parthas of

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