Whispered Words Poetry Mixtapes Presents

"What Happened to Hip Hop CD1"
An MP3-J edutainment mix by Maximus Parthas

Classic - Kanye West ft. Rakim, Nas, & KRS One

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Set-1-Bigger than Hip Hop.mp3
Temptations "Ball of confusion intro"
Mos Def "Fear Not Man"
Dead Prez "Real Hip Hop"
Sage Francis "Hip Hop"
Common "I Used to Love Her"

Set-2-When giants collide.mp3
The day the music died
When Giants Collide "The Biggie Vs Pac battle"
A Bad Boy war memorial.

Set 3-War of the prose's.mp3
Will-Da Real One "Diary Of Reform"
Bless 1 Styles & 21 Poets "They Call Me B1S"
Fresh Air "Owed 2 Hip Hop"

Set 4 -Bout-A-Bitch.mp3
Trina "The Baddest Bitch"
J-Ice "Bitch"
NWA feat Snoop Dogg - "Bitches Aint Shit clip"
Tupac "Wonder Why They Call You Bitch"

Set-5-Woman 2 Woman.mp3
Simply Syl- "What Happened To Miss Hip Hop"
Legacy Leonard- "I Am Hip Hop"
Esthero -"We're In Need Of A Musical Revolution

Set-6-Think about it.mp3
KRS-1-"Make Up Our Mind"
Versatyle- "Industry Critique"
Gill Scott Heron- "A Message to the Messengers"

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What Happened To Hip Hop CD 2
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