Assorted Events

Max & GAME Birthday Party

The Bowery Poetry Club 10-27-2009

Zombie Walk -Columbia, SC 10-2009

2nd Annual Supreme Artist Showcase

Tribal Raine Feature
Gallery Chuma -Moja festival 2009

The Nuyorican, NY - Sept 26, 2009

Houston, TX 2009 POM Tour

Krooked Change... Smeered
CD Release Party Albany NY

SAHAS Maximum Impact
CD Release Party 2008

Max Featuring @ Rocaways Oct 13 2009

Best of Max & Tribal 2008 Part 1

Sahas@Soultry Sounds 6-14

Ken J @ Richland cty HS

Word Warriors Tour 2008 Press Pics

Word Warrior photos

The NWO Word Warrior tour in Charleston, SC

Maximum Impact 2009 Calendar

NWO Word Warriors Posters


The American Dreamers

The Session Live!!!

Rising Stars 10-13 -09

The Session LIVE!!! August 2009

Featuring Georgia ME 6-09-09

Hip Hop Finale Show Sept 8 2009

April Premier Show


PD Poetry Party 09 -Reunion

PD Poetry Party 09 - The Session



Sound Session 09

Local 121 -Main Event

Black Rep -Providence, RI

Blue State Cafe-7-7

Mixed Magic Theatre 7-08-09

Out & About R.I

Parade Finale

Lizard Lounge