Why we do what we do

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Two main reasons

The first and foremost reason we do this is simple.
WW wants to show the world that Spoken Word
can fit seamlessly into mainstream media rotation
with just as much popularity as any other genre.
That it's never what they expected
And better than they ever thought it could be.
All we have to do is get them to listen to the
Whispered Words from a new generation of poets.
To share the birth of a New Word Order

The second reason is considerably more intricate and devious
in a pinky and the brain sort of way.
Let WW break it down for you.

In this age of file sharing and easy downloading
We believe it's time for a fundamental change in how "the consumer"
Receives their music from the "distributor".
We believe that "the artists" should have more creative control
And a fair share of the resources generated by their personal investments.
Finally, we believe that YOU the fan should decide
What YOU want to hear.

The truth is;
Like it or not, file sharing is here to stay.
Record companies view such activities as theft
and those who do so as little more than petty thieves.
Instead of fighting against change,
Whispered Words intends to act as a model for a paradigm shift
with file sharing right at its heart.
Currently, the success for an artist's project is judged by
how many people bought it.
We intend to change that criterion to
how many people sought it.
If you as the consumer can receive the work of your favorite artist
Free of charge
Then, the number of "consumers" would increase exponentially.
New artists would get a better chance at being heard.
Everyone would have a music collection based on personal preference
with no concern for costs.

Using the Google "pay per click" model as a guide
We hope to shift the burden of cost from the consumer
to the advertisers.
On average an artist receives .06 for every unit sold.
The lions share is parceled out to a multitude of next to useless entities
Click the link below and and check the math for yourself.

The math

Under the current criteria, if you sell 1 million copies of your work
That translates into sixty thousand dollars for the artist.
BEFORE payouts.
Long before file sharing came along,
Artists like Toni Braxton and TLC were going bankrupt
With millions of record sales worldwide.
You were being corporaped long before they nabbed napster

Now, imagine this

if Toni Braxton CDs were available through free downloads.
She could easily give away free, many millions more than she would have sold.
Still. Someone has to pay and be paid.
Here is where the burden shifts
and the artists-producers-sponsors relationship can bloom.

On a "pay-per-click" basis. With Nike, McDonalds
And Johnny's used car lot sponsoring your CD website
Every time that CD is downloaded, these entities will be obligated
To compensate the artist-producers .01¢
For the exposure to their company logo.
One million downloads then translates into $300,000.
This goes directly to the creators of the work as it should.
In turn, these sponsors gains one million satisfied consumers
Who have Johnny's used car lot to thank
For the good fortune of getting Toni Braxton's newest CD
Legally and free.
It's a winning exchange for the artists and the sponsor.
A well deserved loss for that dinosaur known as
The record company
If we get our way, his day is done and your day has only just begun.

To date' Whispered Words uses no PPC sponsors.
We make it freely and we give it away freely.
It is not our intention to make money on anyones art.
Our goals are to show the ease, viability and popularity of a change
using PPC distribution.
Since 2004 Whispered Words CD's have been downloaded
over 80,000 times across 4 continents
With several times that many page views.
Contributing poets burn hundreds of free copies
for givaways at their performances.
Many of the artists use Whispered Words as demos of their work.
Fan mail comes in from places like Iraq, London & Italy.
@ The 2005 World Independent Poetry Slam championships
Whispered Words CD's were a part of the gift packacge
to poets from all over the globe.

You ask will it work? Is it hot? They say hell yes!

Remember. The overall success of this social experiment
still depends on your participation.
Do YOU the fan and consumer want your CD's free?
Do YOU as the artist/producer want creative control
and increased fiscal gain?
Do YOU the advertiser both large and small
Want the gratitude of millions of consumers
with extra money in their pockets
And a song in their hearts?
If your answer is yes, then keep on supporting us
By visiting Whispered Words Poetry Mixtapes often.
Stream it, burn it, play it and say it!
Tell friends. Tell the press. Tell your mama. Tell the world!
Write us with your thoughts. Send us your suggestions.
Contribute your work for upcoming mixes.
We're doing this FOR YOU
and could not do it without your continued support.
Now, the poetic cat is out of the bag and you all know why
We dodadamnthang.

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