This is how we do it...

Our WW MP3-J.s are some of the most talented and creative producers
ever seen on an indie production.
Because of its depth, making a poetry mixtape
is a unique and fulfilling experience for an MP3-J.
To date, Whispered Words is the only such product of its kind.
So whenever we create a new WW mix it's a satisfying challenge.
The general idea is to present the entire production like a single poem.
But instead of one poet we use the talents of many to become one voice.
Here's how it's done.
First the producer picks a theme. Something controversial and real.
A topic worthy of discussion. Something unsung.
Usually a lot of research goes into the theme before it's even started.
For instance, our executive producer Max Parthas
Told us the research behind the Conspiracy mix left him paranoid for months.
After researching the topic in depth
and then deciding on how best to present it,
The MP3-J will invite specific poets to contribute to the topic.
Artists they are sure will take their vision and run with it.
If there's still room, the project is then opened to the public.
Once all the pieces and poets are in play
The MP3-J separates the whole mix into what we call "sets" of 10-20 minutes in length.
Sometimes an MP3-J will invite another producer to contribute a set to his/her mix.
Each set will touch a different aspect of the total theme.
Often, stations will prefer to play favorite sets rather than the whole mix.
For instance. The "41 shots" set on Conspiracy mix CD1
is a favorite of Unsung radio.
In any case, the poetry is always the star of the Whispered Words show.
Music from various genres is placed in to support the poets and the theme.
Once the mix is done it goes to the lead producers who go over it
With eagles eyes and wolfs ears to find any needed changes or corrections.
For WW it has always been about improving quality and not politics.
Who you are doesn't matter to us as much as how good your work is and
How well your delivery comes across.
Even our PSA's have to be an entertaining poetic presentation.
When you hear a Whispered Words endorsement,
It's as hot and entertaining as any productions around it.
Once our producers give a mix their OK. We present it to the WW reviewers for a final critique.
Frustrated but dedicated MP3-J's have been known to start from scratch
when they thought a mix was finished.
All this is done before we ever give it to our fans as a final product.
Lastly, our contributing artists create the CD cover
and we finally release the mix.
From concept to presentation a WW mix usually takes about 3 months to finish.
Our goal is to always impress the artists and the fans first.
We have one rule for a WW MP3-J.
It's gotta be hot or it's not
Whispered Words.

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