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Brotha Max....
The What Happened to Hip Hop mix was priceless...
all that knowledge and truth in one album...
I sent the links to some people who have been completely inspired...
it literally made people want to get up and do something.

Keith "Versatyle" Washington
Philadelphia, Pa

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed your conspiracy mix CD.
I'm currently stationed in Iraq with the 42nd infantry division (mechanized)
Out of Troy NY
Last week, the crew and I sat in our M1 Abrahms
listening to it blast on my laptop.
It was the wildest experience.
Especially when one of the poets did a piece called Bushit!
Man did we feel that one. It's even better knowing the artist served here himself.
He wasn't even lying in that poem.
I can't say my name because we broke regs.
But I will say you have to keep spreading the word like this.
The mix was great and the poetry even better.
I've downloaded Cd 2 and we'll be checking that one out next.
Till next time.


I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
I'm a19 year old single woman.
Not because I wanted to be, My so called man turned out to be a boy.
Recently I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant.
I had all but decided to abort my baby
until I heard your Price of life mix.
Because of you I realize how precious this child of mine is.
I will give him all the love and life he deserves
and will raise him with or without his daddys help.
I thank God for you opening my eyes before it was to late.
Oh Lord. I almost took my baby's life out of pure spite.
Please tell LifeLived I love her so much for what she's done.
She'll get the first picture as soon as he's born. :)

I will be forever in your debt.
Elise Vasquez

I was at work the other day, and I remember my girl Tay
(Legacyearth) who has been tryna get me to compete in the Net Slam
(to no success. yet lol) but yea she was telling me
"Imani u gotta check these 'whispered words' mixes out",
so I finalllllly check em...and omg...I lovvvve them,
I love the lay out. The mix of spoken word artists from today
mixed with those of '"yesterday",
the versatility of music,
even had my girl Billie holiday singing her beautiful heart out
in the background on one track,...aaah was such a breath of fresh air.
Thank you for that.
So yea. I only planned on listening to one "mix"
and I wind up listening to them ALL...haha.
Great job! I wish radio was like these joints...I would listen all day.


I just wanted to let you know that 4 years ago my mother passed away.
I really was never able to get over her death.
At least not till I listened to the Lost Loves Mix.
I cried throughout the whole thing. And when it was done.
I felt a sense of relief I hadn't know.
Didn't think I'd ever have.
Please. Keep doing what your doing.
I'm burning them all to CD's so I can listen later.
Again. Thank you so very much.

R. Clark

I had no clue what to expect.
My sister kept telling me to listen to a Whispered Words mix
and I kept saying yes but never did.
At least till last week.
I downloaded the Revolution Mix, burned it to a CD and played it on my way to work.
Then at work.
Then on the way home.
I've listened to every mix you have so far.
All I have to say is you have amazed me completely!
I'm telling everyone I know about them.
As far as I'm concerned, you can't put them out fast enough. :)

Sandra Byrd West Covina Ca.

I'm left speechless by poetry.
Ha ha Imagine that.
I listened to 3 of the Whispered Words mixes
and burned them to CDs that same day.
I live in Passaic NJ. So now when I roll around town
with my music pumping in my car, it's literally poetic.
I never would have expected it.
Well-done Prysmatic Dreams.

Martin Hall. Passaic NJ

That Whispered Words mix is OFF THE CHAIN!
I listened to the Words Worth joint and when George Carlin...George freakin Carlin..
On a damn poetry mixtape of all things
dropped the science on the 7 bad words,
I was too hooked.
Y'all are setting some serious trends.
I'm a fan for life. PEACE!

Poetdisciple NYC

That Whispered Words series
is a great way to listen to spoken word and music at the same time.
I love that I can hear some of my favorite spoken word artists
and then hear classic songs as the intermission.
This whole concept is GENIUS at the very least,
and I am looking forward to submitting my poems
to be considered for upcoming mixes!

Dawn Johnson, Ca.
Producers note: Not only was her poetry accepted
Dawn eventually became a WW MP3-J.
See the "Price Of Life Mix"

Yo Max!
Those Whisperd Words mixes are HOT.
I didn't expect them to be that good.
I was listening to one while I was working and got hooked.
Been listening all day.
And that joint you did on the freedom mix... Wow
that was POWERFUL.
You got me wanting to do a Whispered Words Mix for Hip Hop Poetry.com
Let's set that up bro. An HHP WWW mix.
Lookout for it soon. The theme is gonna be SCREAM.
Ha ha ha get it? SCREAM on Whispered Words. I love it.

Advocate Of Wordz, HHP President. NYC


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