How you can share your voice with Whispered Words
We are accepting audios for

Prysmatic Dreams Productions

is currently accepting pre-produced artist Spoken Word audio/video singles and-or entire mixes to be featured on
Whispered Words Poetry Mixtapes.

Current themes being rpoduced: * (Military Games- feat Max Producing)* Last Wishes (Dedicated to Tupac the Poet) * Current ~E Vents (Let it out) * Aids awareness

We are also accepting prerecorded interviews to be featured on
ReachBack Inner-Views.

*All material should be of good quality and submitted via MP3 (audio/video) format. For large files (over 10 megs) we suggest using or providing us with a direct download url.

*Entire mix-interview submissions should be a minimum of 50 minutes
and a maximum of 70 minutes in length.

We are also accepting small sets of 5 to 15 minutes in length
to be combined in upcoming projects.

*Whispered Words sound bytes to include in your mix are available by clicking the links below.

*ReachBack Inner Views submissions should include
photos/website url and bios of the subject and the host.

*Single artist or whole mix/interviews submissions
must be accompanied with a copy of the following statement::

Rights Statement

I hereby state that the artistic material being submitted is copyright protected work and I have permission to submit such materials.
(Your Name)

*The above statement excludes material protected and monitored by ASCAP, BMI & SESAC and/or material available through free public entertainment venues.

*All material aired via radio program associates
is protected by Internet radio licensing obtained and held
by the participating stations.

*Include the title of the work(s) along with the name(s) of the author(s), performer(s), producer(s) and your telephone contact number.
If and when the submission is accepted for production/airing,
one of our producers will contact you with further information.

*For submission of prerecorded interviews,
include the contact information of all parties being recorded.

What Rights Do You Have?

*All rights remain those of the artist. makes no claim to work done by any poet, artist
or producers.
No money is exchanged for a Whispered Words Mix.
All mixes are downloadable and available free
from the Whispered Words website found through or

To Submit CD Cover Art

*Submit all art done in jpg or gif format.
*CD art must be in the size of 4.806 inches by 4.806 inches. (CD size) *Submissions should be clear and crisp images. Please etch your name in the lower corner of the piece so you will receive credit as the artist.
Whispered Words logos are available by clicking the links below and should be included on the artwork.

For information on how to create a mix, see the "how we do it" page.
Production training and recording programs are available upon request.

Send all submissions and information requests to:

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